Hi all!

Does anyone know where to find old Fanuc circuit board spare parts? I need two FA8190, image below. Also the story below any help is welcome, a circuit diagram of the FA8190 would also help a lot, maybe I can make the module from basic stock parts.

I need old servo driver spare parts-20200716_203340-jpg

I have been trouble shooting the DC link current flow excessive alarm (12). The wrong voltage drop (specified under alarm 12 in the manual) over the big transistor package make me trouble shoot the lower PCB. No voltage drop over the ET191 transistor make me think the FA8190 module was bad, so I changed it with a working one from the same PCB and also found the zener diode for the voltage regulation to the FA8190 was shortened so that was changed to. This two errors gave me the correct voltage drop specified in the manual. Now I just need two FA8190.


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