I'm trying to add a 4+5 th axis nikken truncation table. This control is using (x3) 6066-h004 c series amplifiers, and has serial A encoders on the X,Y,Z. I have the additional amps, a06b-6066-h003 (x2) and the option 2 board, and am trying to figure out what encoders I need. The motors I have (1-0SP, 2-0SP) have a64 encoders on them. Can they be made to work with the type a interface of the 16ma control and the 6066 C series amps, or do I need to track down serial A encoders like on the other axis. I also have 2X 0-0SP motors but cant figure out if they use a h003, or a h004 amp. The manual seems to jump over the 0-0SP. I know there will be ladder and software work done too, but I am just trying to get the hardware rounded up for now. Any help would be appericiated. They sure don't make this easy.

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