I have set all parameters required so far as i understand. I have checked and set centre of rotation on A(tilt) and C(rotate), set datums for test sphere in G54 using Renishaw probe. Ran my test program with probe for positional checks using G68.2P0 format and what I am finding is that all A0 positions are good positions xyz, in all A- direction positions my xy are pretty good but my Z axis positions are giving me a -0.12mm error, my A+ positions give me up to a +0.05mm error in Y and up to +0.05 mm in Z.

I am convinced my rotation centres are correct, my tool offset is correct and my G54 datum is correct. I cannot understand where the Z axis error is coming from. Are there any 5 axis experts that can help out there.

The configuration of the machine is a 3axis vertical machining centre with a bolt on 4th/5th axis unit, the control is 0IMF and can only control 4+1 moves.



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