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    Good morning all,
    I am new here, though I've been checking the forum out for a several years. There is a wealth of good information here, since I have no formal training in these controls.
    We have several Huffman machines with Fanuc 15-M controls. We had our annual power shutdown at the plant last Saturday. All machines were turned off at main disconnects.
    One machine will not start. It has an LCD screen that has gone blank.
    Upon opening the electrical enclosure - the Fanuc power supply has a 1 in the status that changes to 3, and then 7 after several minutes.
    I tested voltage coming into the card and it's 209.9 volts. I swapped the card with another - same alarms.
    the PS card is an A16B-1212-0871/10C520440.

    I read that the "1" alarm is overvoltage, I believe - but the voltage going into the board appears to be okay.
    Am I missing something ? Thanks in advance !

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    Default Re: Fanuc power supply alarms

    please share more details like fanuc series system it is from you PS i know its series 16,18,21 etc and please explain which status alarm you stuck??

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Fanuc power supply alarms

Fanuc power supply alarms

Fanuc power supply alarms