I have a Mori Seiki SL-0H that is giving this SV008 alarm. It only happens when the machine is idle, and it only happens after some time sitting there idle. The machine is making good parts, repeats all day no problem.

I read that this could be a mains voltage issue, a bad axis control, or a failing main board. I went through and measured the mains voltages leg to leg to make sure they were in tolerance, and they're on the low side, but within the -15% tolerance. When I was doing this measuring, I had the control door open for a long time and had shut the machine off for a while. The machine stopped giving the error, and was sitting like that all day because I was working out a serial comms problem. The machine gave the error again the next morning after sitting for a long time with the control door closed most of the way (cracked about an inch?).

I opened the door and havent had the alarm since, been running parts 2 days now, no alarm. but I'm more or less certain the error will return if I close the door. So, it seems to be heat related.

I talked to two Fanuc repair shops, one said they dont have fixtures to do the fanuc 10 boards, the other mentioned the main board but doesnt seem to interested in helping me repair mine, or selling me another one.

At any rate, it seems to me that if I go through the likely huge trouble of replacing the main board, it will be old too and may suffer from this same or other issues. Anyone out there ever cured this alarm before? Any idea what components might be too old on that main board? any idea why it'd be overheating? its only 70F in my shop lately.

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