Hi Guys,
I am the proud owner of an old Colchester CNC2000L lathe with a solid Dickson tool-post i.e. not a turret. And before anybody has a good laugh, its perfect for the work I do because of it's near 1200 mm Z.
I've only just managed to get the control to accept DNC'd files.
My problem now is that the control throws up all sorts of alarms from my CAM generated programs (Autodesk HSM).
I would like some kind person to post me some sample code for the OT A control (preferably with the solid tool post consideration) so I can get the post processor modified to keep the control happy. Or if someone has a proven HSM post for this control, that would be even better. The generic post for Fanuc TURNING on the Autodesk HSM site puts in all sort of codes that it doesn't like, including some milling only codes.
I was told the control doesn't like or doesn't use G54 etc and other sorts of G commands, or indeed a "T" in front of the tool number, so a good program example would be well received. If anyone is sensitive about their part programs being used to make their stuff (very, very unlikely) just knock out important dimensions or sections of irrelevant code.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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