G & M codes for Fanuc 6M

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Thread: G & M codes for Fanuc 6M

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    Default G & M codes for Fanuc 6M

    anybody send me the G & M code listing for Fanuc 6m - M/c mazak VMC V20 power centre

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    Default G and M-codes for 6M

    Here are the G-codes from the 6M manual. The M-codes are also listed, but may not be accurate for your machine. These are just EIA standard M-codes, and every machine builder can make up their own.


    G00 Positioning
    G01 Linear interpolation
    G02 Circular interpolation CW
    G03 Circular interpolation CCW
    G04 Dwell
    G05 High-speed continuous cutting
    G07 SINE interpolation
    G09 Exact stop check
    G10 Offset value setting / work zero offset setting
    G17 XY plane selection
    G18 ZX plane selection
    G19 YZ plane selection
    G20 Inch data input
    G21 Metric data input
    G22 Stored stroke limit on
    G23 Stored stroke limit off
    G27 Zero return check
    G28 Automatic Zero Return
    G29 Return from reference point
    G30 Return to 2nd/3rd/4th reference point
    G31 Skip cutting
    G33 Thread cutting
    G40 Cutter compesation cancel
    G41 Cutter compensation left side
    G42 Cutter compensation right side
    G43 Tool length offset (+)
    G44 Tool lenght offset (-)
    G45 Tool offset increase
    G46 Tool offset decrease
    G47 Tool offset double increase
    G48 Tool offset double decrease
    G49 Tool lenght offset cancel
    G54 Work coordinate system 1
    G55 Work coordingte system 2
    G56 Work coordinate system 3
    G57 Work coordinate system 4
    G58 Work coordinate system 5
    G59 Work coordinate system 6
    G60 Single direction positioning
    G61 Exact stop check mode
    G62 Automatic corner override effective
    G64 Cutting mode
    G65 Custom macro simple call
    G66 Custom macro modal call
    G67 Custom macro modal call cancel
    G73 Peck drilling cycle
    G74 Counter tapping cycle
    G76 Fine boring cycle
    G80 Canned cycle cancel
    G81 Drilling cycle
    G82 Drilling cycle/counter boring
    G83 Peck drilling cycle
    G84 Tapping cycle
    G85 Boring cycle
    G86 Boring cycle
    G87 Back boring cycle
    G88 Boring cycle
    G89 Boring cycle
    G90 Absolute programming
    G91 Incremental programming
    G92 Programming of absolute zero point
    G94 Feed per minute
    G95 Feed per revolution
    G98 Return to initial point level in canned cycle
    G99 Return to R point level in canned cycle

    EIA standard M-codes:

    M00 Program Stop
    M01 Optional (Planned) Stop
    M02 End of Program
    M03 Spindle CW
    M04 Spindle CCW
    M05 Spindle OFF
    M06 Tool Change
    M07 Coolant No. 2 ON
    M08 Coolant No. 1 ON
    M09 Coolant OFF
    M10 Clamp
    M11 Unclamp
    M12 Unassigned
    M13 Spindle CW & Coolant ON
    M14 Spindle CCW & Coolant ON
    M15 Motion +
    M16 Motion -
    M17 Unassigned
    M18 Unassigned
    M19 Oriented Spindle Stop
    M20-29 Permanently Unassigned
    M30 End of Tape
    M31 Interlock Bypass
    M32-35 Unassigned
    M36-39 Permanently Unassigned
    M40-45 Gear Changes if Used, Otherwise Unassigned
    M46-47 Unassigned
    M48 Cancel M49
    M49 Bypass Override
    M50-89 Unassigned
    M90-99 Reserved for User

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    Thank u very much

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G & M codes for Fanuc 6M

G & M codes for Fanuc 6M