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    This my first fadal, VMC 3016, 2005, With A axis.
    the a was working fine and now im getting a Amp Fault on startup and cant jog or move it. it seems the A Axis doesnt have a normal amplifier like the x,y,z axis in the control cabinet and the D3 indicator light is solid red on that axis control card. Anyone out there have a 4th axis and might know how to help please let me know. im not sure where to start since all other troubleshooting is for main axis problems.

    Thank you


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    ...most likely the A axis Glentek DC AMP-0006 has failed and the only thing in Field serviceable is the 15amp Fuse....If, possible replace the AMP-0006 with the out of production Advanced Motion Control AMP-0014 but, they are getting hard to find at a good price.

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    Also check the Heater Reset button Its white they do not reset automatically. And depending on your machine setup there could easily be 3 of them 1 for the spindle 1 for the xyz chassis and 1 for the a axis

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