I know Glentek made the Brushless Amplifiers for Fadal. I just purchased a TRM. I would like to find out which current "stock" Glentek Amplifier is closest to the FADAL AMP-065 used on the X, Y, Z axis. I'd really like to find the amplifier manual.
The machine was made in 2003, Giddings and Lewis era. Which control does this machine have? I has sat unused for MANY years. I purchased it from an estate. Will be towards the end of September before I can move it here.

When I opened up the electrical cabinet, I was looking around for a VFD, none, then I found an AMP-065, SMA9615INV-2 controls the spindle Interesting.

I DO realize this was an entry level machine designed for the home shop/garage.

Hoping a FADAL Tech pokes his head in here with some info.

Thanks in advance,

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