Need Help! Fadal VMC15XT X axis "studder"

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Thread: Fadal VMC15XT X axis "studder"

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    Default Fadal VMC15XT X axis "studder"

    Hello all. I'm fairly new here and don't post often, but I do read a lot of the great information posted on here. This Fadal is my first VMC and I'm not sure how to diagnose what the x-axis is doing. I tried to attach a short video, but it was over the 500kb limit. You can hear the machine door rattling as its moving. Basically the x-axis does not move smoothly, is noisy and will show chatter marks during a direction change while cutting. Could this be just a thrust bearing or does it sound like the entire ball screw assembly is shot?

    Also, is everyone else's spindle motor fans as loud as mine? I don't remember it being that loud when I got the machine last fall.
    I just started up a side business and was awarded my first metal casting job. I plan to cut the pattern and machine the castings so I need to get it running correctly.

    Any input/ ideas that you might have would be appreciated.


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    Default Re: Fadal VMC15XT X axis "studder"

    Hello Jason, first, the fan is just dirty likely. You can try to clean it or buy a new one (their fairly cheap). $48.00. Here's a link:

    The motor stuttering, try tuning the amp first (I have the tuning procedure, make a request to and I will reply with an attachment. If that doesn't fix it, swap the X and Y amp and see if the problem moves. If so, replace the amp. If it stays with the X axis, then replace your motor or encoder depending on which motor you have; AC or DC, we have both. You can also replace the wiring if yours is compromised anywhere. It could be the cause.

    I would meg the cables and make sure they are not coolant soaked, which would cause all kinds of grief with the motor. Here is a link to a megger we offer: $199 in stock. First meg from the amp card to ground (motor leads are red and black, remove them from the amp first). You should see at least 5meg or more. 5 meg or less is bad. If a bad reading, now remove the motor wires and meg the motor armature wires (large red and black) each to ground and see what you get. If it megs bad you know you have a bad motor. If it megs good, the motor is probably fine and you have compromised wiring.

    If you have DC motors, and all tests above show you have a problem in the motor, then I would try replacing the resolver first. If AC motors, you will need to purchase a new one or reman, we have both. Here is a link to our resolvers:

    Let me know if I can help further.
    FadalCNC Tech Support

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Fadal VMC15XT X axis "studder"

Fadal VMC15XT X axis "studder"