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    My name is Kim Reeg. I am a machinist of 38 years and have had my own CNC machine shop for 28 years. I started using EZ-Cam software 30+ years ago and never had a problem with it. I recently decided to upgrade to the latest 2017 version 24 of EZ-Cam. At first I didn't have time to learn it because the shop was so busy and the old 14.5 version was the workhorse of the shop and the machines were turning so I didn't want to slow things down learning new software. After a couple of months I started looking at the software. It was easy to learn the new layout because it used the same processes. It had some problems like the spreadsheet was doing some weird things that Chris fixed by sending me new program to download. After that we got into a whole bunch of emails because I wanted to do multiple parts having each tool do all the parts and then go on to the next tool etc. What a mess that turned out to be. The software was wacky and we could never make it work. Chris said I would have to program it the old fashioned way one at a time. Why did I get the new software if it didn't have any advances? After that we had a bunch of communication issues regarding the software and the software shutting down every couple of minutes. Chris fixed it somewhat, but it would still lockup and I had to tell the computer that EZ-Cam could change the computer every time I try to use it. I will tell you about all the problems after that in future posts.

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My EZ-Cam experience

My EZ-Cam experience