I just wanted to give an endorsement for EZ-CAM/MillPro. I teach Mechanical Engineering at Benedictine College and we have our students (from a verity of disciplines) use EZ-CAM to help fibrate parts for their projects. We are a very hands on program with lots of design work for class and independent projects. Our students have to fabricate the parts they design, but we train students to be engineers, not machinist. We needed a CAM program that our students could pick up quickly and with very little instruction fabricate the parts they designed. EZ-CAM/Mill Pro has filled the bill. Our students will design a part in a CAD program (like Inventor tm) import into EZ-CAM then off to a 3-axis CNCmill. They generally need advice with tool selection, seeds and feds but other than that, thy are on their own. The students are independent enough that by the time the finish their junior year CNC has become a verb. "We CNCed the part" means; they took their design through EZ-CAM to a CNC machine to generate the part. We have been using EZ-CM for about years and this is a product I can easily recommend.

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