First off I realize this is old software, just curious if anyone has had this situation. Customer of mine has no maintenance and isn't looking to spend money on new software :/

Have a customer that recently had to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10.
Software works, but there is one small weird software issue.

Using a USB to Floppy drive. Previously when doing NC Edit my user could save .iso files with G code directly to A: (floppy drive) and take the drive to the Robofil, select the floppy and copy to memory.
Now in Windows 10, same operation, get "ON A: E518: ACCESS DENIED" on the Robofil. File name copies, but no file data.
If I take the file from A:, Copy it to C:, Copy it back to A:, it works fine. Same if the file is saved from NC Edit to C:, then copied to A:, file works just fine.
Tried running ESPRIT software in Windows 7 compatibility mode, no change.

Anyone else run into this? If not, no big deal, this customer has not upgraded their software since forever and their Robofil's are probably running old software as well. They should probably upgrade to USB emulators, but that sounded like it required a software update on the Robofil too.

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