I've been a lurker on and off for years. I debated posting this question because it relates to research that does not appear to be very well followed and quite frankly offers incredible opportunities. My work has been looking at them for advanced and technology integrated sustainable housing.

The precursor materials can be and form a gathered form local waste or geologic materials. They for three dimensional aluminosilicate nano ceramic binder that offers a cheap path to ceramic and ceramic metal matrix composites. The materials provide room temperature cured polymer structural refractory elements capable of 800c+. The nano composites can also be crushed and used to make silicon carbide and silicon nitride at around 1/2 the typical energy consumption.

It seems like something that people here would find interesting. I have been working with these composites for the last 6 months and have successfully synthesized sample compelling enough to verify the technology is the real deal. The jury has been in on these materials for a few years, but there is a very small following so far. Once you realize what they are capable of making, it becomes obvious that everyone is way underestimating the magnitude of disruptive change that is coming.

Here is a link to a US researcher's website. I have been in contact with her and believe she is likely the leading geopolymer researcher that is focusing on the technical ceramic end of the spectrum. Kriven Research Group - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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