The Bible says in Romans that we would "worship and serve the earth rather than the creator."
I called my electric company asking what the most savings bang for my buck would be, she said that if present global warming legislation goes thru, then it will nearly double our electric rates.
I have been flying in the northeast for 30 years now and have noticed a dramatic improvement in air quailty from typically 2 miles visibility to more than 6miles vis below 10,000ft (on the average).
I believe that we are crossing the line between good stewardship of God's environment to earth worship by zealots who are mindless alarmists standing infront of trains. It is also interesting that some have wished sacrifices on us while they broker "carbon credits" and live luxuriously.
Also interesting is Lennin's comment: "give me one generation and they will be mine to think whatever I want them to think." It is interesting how God's word has been eliminated from schools along with any other opposing view.
Freedom is the cost of mindless agreement.

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