I'm new to CNC machines, very. I built my first machine a few weeks ago, got it going and and now getting some easonable results.
I mainly want it for engraving and am currently using Mach 3. This is a steep learning curve for me, although gettting the job done 'in a fashin'.

I am now looking to make it a little easier, for instance, is there a way with Mach 3, or other free cnc software where it can calulate from thIe centre point of the work piece frm the dimensions of the letter etc so I don't have to and get the spacing wrong, or not have enough room etc for all the letters? I'm finding it a little hard to get my question over, but I hope you know what I mean. Also, I can only seem to be able to write one line of text with the Mach 3 wizard. I don't know of any other way, to be honest.

Grateful for any help.


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