I have been lurking here for years, managed to start a small business, and sell roughly $200K of products I made on John's Microcarve machines.
However, with college done, me being married, and other changes--I need to seek employment, and relegate my current 3D profiled "artwork" to weekends.
Therefore, I have been searching for work, however, I've found it difficult likely since people either see a fresh BSBA grad or a CNC operator/technician--who's not proficient in the major CAD/CAM packages. I am good with people, technically minded, and enjoy business--so I am hoping an employer finds value on these premises.

I'm looking for work in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel-hill, Morrisville, and so forth--I am flexible about my roles, responsibilities, and have hands on experience.
PM me if you have a position, a firm that would find me valuable, or other $0.02.
Here's a piece of my resume on what I've been doing over the past 5-6 years. I am not against customer support, or otherwise wearing multiple hats.

Developed a small online business from the ground up in the way of product development, prototypes, sales, E-Commerce, marketing, customer care, SEO, etc. Everything required of a small manufacturing business with self driven marketing, improvement, and development whilst attending online college. Customers include the US Pentagon (DoD), Honolulu Coast Guard, and other high end clients. Hundreds of satisfied customers with purchases exceeding $500 on average. Constant effort is placed into learning applicable business skills, new technologies, and improvement of one's own technical expertise.
Married & Responsible--seeking for a new challenge, and reliable firm.

Product Development, Rapid Prototyping, and Concept Generation:
*Continues to seek enhanced processes for production such as the production of 3D master molds, resin casting, etc.
*Usage of carbide tooling, correct feedrates, and understanding of machine operation yields excellent products.
*Thoroughly understands how automated machinery functions in the way of step generation for stepper based systems, implications of realtime motion control, chatter, backlash, and other premises.
*Reworks NC programs (VIA CAM or text editor) to reduce CNC cycle time, and increase profits.
*Able to fix problems quickly, find workarounds, and continually improve processes--while doing so in a cost effective, and concise manner.
*Constantly applies technical feasibility and inherent costs to new concepts.
*Updates software packages in Ubuntu--tests and ensures trajectory planner works as expected.
*Experienced with LinuxCNC (EMC2)
*Ensures mechanical stability of machines, adjusts settings, feed rates, and can rebuild machinery.
*Experienced with through-hole & SMD soldering.

*Maintaining a WordPress website with caching, optimizations, WooCommerce, conversion tracking, etc.
*Conducts sales on Amazon.com, Etsy.com, and eBay.
*Manages SEO rankings of online content.
*Tracks Google Analytics Performance.
*Conducts PPC and view based advertising on several channels--finds conversion efficiency and tracks trends.
*Analyzes competitor's websites and holds appropriate positioning.
*Responds to customer inquires VIA Email, phone calls, and social media.
*Approximately 1% of all orders are returned annually--over $120K products manufactured, marketed, and sold during one's BSBA degree over 4 years.
*Researches new markets, calculates potential margins, etc.
* 3.7 Final Year GPA--Took 3 capstone business courses.

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