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    Default Emco Concept Turn 155 ACC

    Now it's time for me to get some help from the expertise. I have an Emco 120 pc turn with ACC as well as my Emco Concept Turn 155 has an ACC.
    There is a PC without a hard drive but the motherboard has a PCI card that is screwed in carefully.
    Do you know exactly what ACC does.
    I suspect a soldering error in my box because it takes a long time to start up the machine.

    When the winnt computer is complete and is looking for communication over the network, I can see on the ACC front that a number of LEDs start to flash. After a few minutes, the number increases and finally everyone lights / blinks as normal so I understand that now there is communication between pc 1 and 2.

    I have checked all soldering very carefully with magnifier x 30 almost every third component that is surface mounted had at least a small drop of solder tin. No one I saw did any short-circuiting but alarming.
    Even very small metal wires were present and these were all thinner than a strand of hair. Unfortunately, there was no difference in the start time after this job.
    In connection with the start-up I have heated with a hair dryer in different places on all cards that are on the ACC and it makes a difference in the start-up time clearly, but I have not been able to see where it makes the most benefit.
    The ACC computer PCI card is the only thing I cannot access to heat more precisely. It sits at the bottom. Anyone who knows if there are cards or parts that fit from other ACCs or are these completely model unique.
    Why do I ask this, since I have all the electronics for a complete Emco 120.

    I would not like to test without knowledge, possibly the PCI card if it looks the same. As you understand, all tips and ideas are good because then I can also pass these on to someone I may need to seek help from.
    My previous nick was cnc_swe and I started this Emco tree once.
    The goal is to return, but right now there is old e-mail and trouble.
    When I warm up the card/ACC machine will start as normal. About 3-6 minutes.

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    Default Re: Emco Concept Turn 155 ACC

    ACC is specific to the machine to some extent, but I don't know details, just what I saw when looking at photos, a mill ACC won't work for lathe. ACC takes a compact flash card with data for the machine. ACC is the machine control and the PC in the front runs the user interface. On powerup it should instantly connect to ACC.

    If the machine is in a humid environment, dry it out. This may be why heating helps. In my older AC95 machine this is definitely a problem. I'm not sure if these are old enough to have motherboard capacitor issues. I would also check all the connections from ACC to control boards. I just had a problem with the consent key which required the connections at the board to be reseated.

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    Default Re: Emco Concept Turn 155 ACC

    it seems your flash is defective.
    there is a trancend flash dirve, where the linux is installed on. (Disk on Module , DOM )
    you can also use a SSD....

    if you have got EC-Setup.exe you can create a new USB Stick, from wich you can boot and install a new DOM/SSD. But take a backup of your Machine Data first !!!

    feel free to get in contact.

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