While I was at it with my other post about the CPU2 and lasers, I thought I'd post another question I have.

I have found that when I mill multiple pockets, USBCNC takes the most inefficient path, at least that's how it looks to my layman eyes.
ie. I want the pockets to be 9mm deep, with a step-size of 3mm because of the small endmill I have to use because of the tight radius-es of the corners.
USBCNC creates the G-code in such a way that it first moves from pocket to pocket and mills each only 3mm deep, then it does the same for 6mm and 9mm and eventually also for the finish allowance.
All this moving from one pocket to the next takes a lot of time if there are a lot of pockets to mill.
Is there a way to make USBCNC write the G-code so each pocket is completely finished before it moves to the next pocket?


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