doesn't anyone even try to write their own generators using the tools edgecam has?

seems like every forum i go to has post after post of people begging for generators for this or that machine.

if you know how to write/read G code and know what the code structure for the controller you have should look like, its not hard to tweak a post into exactly what you want to see.

over the years i have wrote them for 3,4 and 5 axis machines for fadal, haas, hurco, mori, brother machines, lathes and mills, a couple 2 axis prototracks and a laser.

the wizard has tools to trace where code output comes from, so you can find and tweak the section where you need to easliy and walks you through step by step if you need it.

every time i see a post asking for one, i wonder if they even tried themselves first.

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