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    Hello Guys, Greetings.
    I am a total beginner with mach3. My application needs a motion control system 3 axes with an ink printer head installed instead of cnc_tool or material head. I want to print on rolling fabric. For printing, we need specific coordinates on the fabric on which text is to be printed. I need some following information if you wouldn't mind answering.

    I want to use the mach3 Modbus communication and customization functions to achieve the following things. I would really appreciate if experts can help me in this regard.

    1)First of all, do I need to create a CAD file to generate gcode for specific coordinates on which text is to be printed? software for fabric is Gerber etc.

    2)Now moving to coordinates is a motion controller task right? the main enigma here is that when gantry moves to a specified location, a trigger or command is needed for the printhead (INk printhead which is separately controlled by its own controller) to print the text. How to give this command? I want to use Modbus communication with mach3? Remember! The ink printhead has its own controller separately controlled by its own software.

    3)When a command is given to printhead. How to automate gcode so that when it reaches the certain coordinates it should stop for a while, send the trigger to the printhead, and printhead pick the specific text string to be printed on specific coordinates? How this can be achieved? I mean where will the text file be placed and gcode file? how mach3 will know that on specific coordinates I need to send the command to the printhead to print the only specific text.

    4) Does this mach3 fulfill the functionality I want to achieve? Am I in the right direction.

    if you need any further information I shall be happy to provide it. Your prompt response shall be appreciated.

    Martin Alley,
    Ontario, Canada.

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    Default Re: Mach3 Support and Customization

    Hi Martin,

    Do you have or intend to use a KFLOP?

    If so, you might consider using our free KMotionCNC software.


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