This Control panel, has KFlop, with a C10 Board, a custom connection cable, and KMotion 4.33. RedCNC2L runs on the KMotion system.

This is a South Bend 9" Lathe build during the World War 2. approx. 1944.

I have been using this lathe for the last couple years, and Zero Trouble with the KFlop and Kmotion system, running our software.

In this video I am showing the use of the jog keys, and our software feature, using the "L" key for lock. Showing a facing and turning operation. Nothing really exciting!

On RedCNC2L... Hit "L" on the keyboard, then the jog key for "Y"; then it does continuous feed... at the feed rate set in Setup for Slow or Fast Jog. I have slow feed set to 1"/min.

Also I am showing how to use a simple Turn, GCode program; to do semi-automatic lathe turning.

I have no dial on the cross slide, or the carriage. Running a Gcode program, Starting from Z .025"

G1 Z-0.875 F1 (Turn to the Left, towards the chuck)
G4 P3 (Pause for a few seconds)
G0 Z0.025 (Go Back to Start Position)

M30 (Rewind)

I crank the Compound in, then hit Execute again, then get another turn.

This is quick, and allows me to use the lathe, nearly like a manual lathe. Except the lathe does the work. I simply get a measurement, then adjust the compound; till I get
my desired size.

Most the time I use the lathe in Semi-Automatic mode. Sometimes, when doing a lot of parts, and several operations. I will setup and use several tools, and offsets. And write a long GCode program for all that. However, I mostly use a Semi-Automatic program, to simply turn and face. I also have a program for Rigid Taping. Set the spindle VFD to slow, go forward so many seconds; reverse. Have done some threads as well. Like making 1/4-20 threads, to make a tall stud.


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