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    Hi Guys!
    Just recently got my hands on an old Agie Sprint 70.
    My first wire EDM.. Boy is there alot to take in.. My first concern is that I don´t get the pilot water jet (for treading the wire) to work properly either its like a shower or when I get it focused it would not hit the bottom hole. The 3 adjustment screws seem not to work as intended..
    I´ve had it apart numerous of times I´ve installed an inline filter for the water and new tube from the filter to the head in order not to get dirt into the "nozzle" I also put bypass and choke valves on the feed line in order to being able to manipulate flow and pressure. Ive also fiddled with different o-rings, just can´t make it work....
    Any one having a good upper head with nozzle to sell at an affordable cost? - any Ideas what might be the problem?

    I Know this thread was placed in the wrong forum. I´ve tried to delete it, but can´t find that option....

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Agie Sprint 70 auto tread wire

Agie Sprint 70 auto tread wire