New to plasma here. Have a fastcut 5x10 table and using dynatorch 3.6 software and hypertherm 1000 g3 power supply. Been using for 2-3 weeks now and been working pretty well. was cutting 12 gage and 1/4" material fine last few days. Switched to 1/2" and wasn't getting best finish, slowed table down and improved a bit, think my lead screw or worm nut is worn a bit so will look into replacing those. My big issue now is the torch isn't coming down and touching part, z axis says its at 0 and torch lights up, moves up 1/16" and ask for reset, hit reset and it moves up another 1/16". I cheated and brought torch to just above material and hit start and it created enough arc to start but then rubs on material. I've reset everything, turned off and on a few times with no success. any thoughts would be great.

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