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Thread: Dynapath & AD GS23-2010 VFD

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    Default Dynapath & AD GS23-2010 VFD


    I have a Tree 325 (Dynapath Delta 20M) with a VS-626MT III Spindle Drive Controller (Fried/Toast).

    I have a Automation Direct GS23-2010 that I have already hooked up / configured to work with the Yaskawa UAASKA-04CA1

    My next hurdle is to get the Dynapath Delta 20M to "talk" to the GS23 VFD. Looking through all the documentation I have on the Tree & the Dynapath I can not seem to find where to land the cw/ccw terminals & the speed control terminals from the VFD to the Dynapath.

    Has anyone done this before / know if this is even possible?

    I am able to get the Dynapath to start the VFD/motor via the 12CRE relay and the E-Stop to work vie the 1CRE relay

    Also would it be possible to get the motor encoder to talk directly to the Dynapath so it wont spit out the "Drive not up to speed error"

    The documentation I have on all components are in the google drive link below.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Dynapath & AD GS23-2010 VFD

    ...there is an "Installation Manual" from Dynapath you need for Delta 20M Pinout's, Parameters, etc. The bad news is the manual cost $200+ from Dynapath.

    Dynapath & AD GS23-2010 VFD-dnyapath-10m-20m-install-jpg

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Dynapath & AD GS23-2010 VFD

Dynapath & AD GS23-2010 VFD

Dynapath & AD GS23-2010 VFD