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Thread: Limit Switches configuration.

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    Default Limit Switches configuration.

    Almost finished the rebuild of my CNC Router,
    Im using MAch4 with and ESS Smooth Stepper
    All 3 Axis are running fine but I need help on the configuration and placement of my limit & Home switches.
    I'm using a switch at each end of the x Axis and the Y Axis and one switch at the top of travel on my Z Axis.
    I may have assigned these wrongly so please advise If I need to alter them.
    I'm getting errors such as 'Cant jog towards x-' etc
    So I need to configure them in the ESS Plugin and Mach 4 setup.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    many thanks


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Limit Switches configuration.

Limit Switches configuration.

Limit Switches configuration.