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Hey Gary have a great time at the beach and forget this stuff for a while. Its been way to hot and just now I made a run to Culver's for take out supper. Left home looked back and huge storm clouds to the NW. Got out the Iphone, nope weather is fine no warnings. Needless to say on the way home I was hit with 70 mph winds, heavy rain and some hail. Got home streets flooded, trees down and gee now the weather shows heavy Thunderstorms.... this over a 20-30 minute time frame, 1.4 inches of rain and lucky no hail damage to my truck that I can see anyway.

You have my condolences, Bill. I grew up in Indiana and recall all too well both heat and relative humidity in the 90s. I also lived in Florida for a few years Heat and humidity were bad there too. Our main house is just outside Gig Harbor. The climate is much more temperate. It rains a lot in the winter, but our summers are glorious.