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Well, then go ahead and try the gussets, maybe it is enough.

We'll see. I'm hoping the gussets will work, but I'm not holding my breath. The basic design is proven to work - at least using steel for a steel machine. Whether, or to what extent, it translates to my machine is an open question. I'm going to see if I can cut the gussets on the CNC. I could drill the holes on my mill, but I would still have to saw the basic shape. I only have a small bandsaw, so I'd have to do it with my table saw and miter slider equipped with non-ferrous blades. I sometimes do it, but try to avoid it. The CNC would sure be faster, but then, you already know that.

Any more thoughts about addressing the 5 IPM resonance issue on the Y axis? When I get a more time, I may remove the stepper drives and go through them again with everything removed. Otherwise, I don't know what more to do. Feels like taking two steps forward and one step back.