Hello all,

I have started looking into building my own CNC machine. I will mainly be using it to do intricate pieces of wood working, head boards, tables (smaller), etc.

When I brought this up to my father-in-law he mentioned he was going to tackle the same project, but got side tracked. He offered the parts he gathered thus far, I accepted. This is where I am kind of lost.

I have been looking into to a lot of tutorials on how to make a CNC machine, most mention nema motors. I have been given Ametek 965922-102, 4 of them. I should mention that 3 out of the 4 do not rotate as they should, I say this because the one rotates very smooth; while the other 3 have so friction. First question: is it worth (if even possible), to attempt to rebuild these?

Some of the other I received are: SSU PBO 16 3 of them, SPB 16 OPN 3 of them, switch mode power supply https://uk.tdk-lambda.com/products/p....aspx?scid=198 , and a Power supply transformer Transformer Technology Inc 23045 115v, 60hz, 24/36VDC@20ADC.

Is it worth trying to use some of these, probably now a little outdated parts. Or, Should I just start from scratch?

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