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I guess i dont understand with the price of profile rails and ballscrews so low why people keep messing around with other options...

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It is the difference between a business expense and a hobby expense. I know personally the funds simply are not there for an extravagant build so I've held off because I know I would not be happy with a flimsy machine. However I'm not an absolutist with respect to bearing selection, a lot of round rail problems would diminish if large sizes where selected. Of course that ups expense and pushes one towards profile rails. Round rails are often associated with unsupported rail systems which is clearly a bad idea on long spans.

I have to agree though that sometimes the decisions people make end up not making sense to me. Saving money by buying round rails and then making the entire machine frame out of extruded aluminum for example does seem like putting money into the wrong area. So yea the cash allocations on some builds don't make sense to me but those are not my machines nor my pocketbook.

The other positive for round rials is their freedom to rotate a bit on the linear rails. This can be a positive on wood framed machines that might not be perfectly flat with respect to to the rail mounting surfaces. Sometimes the project simply doesn't permit building good enough to justify profile rails.