Just wanted to start a thread concerning the rebuild of an old router we have in the shop. We will take pictures and update with our progress as we go through the machine.

The router is 20 years old but very rigid and quality built. The electronics are outdated and are some what limiting compared to our other CNC Milling machine (Tormach PCNC1100).

The plan is to convert to Mach3 and be able to use G-Code rather than run HPGL.

Current Components and Features:
2.5hp (need to verify) 3 Phase AC Spindle 220volt
DC Servo Drive Motors
Rack and Pinon Y Axis Motion - Single motor with transfer axle across the gantry
Ball Screw X and Z Axis Motion
Plenum Style Vacuum Table - Aluminum Extrusion
3.5hp Centrifugal Vacuum Pump
Welded Steel Tubing Frame

New Electronics:
Gecko Drives
Smooth Stepper
PC with Mach 3
USB 495 Connection to Spindle Drive

20 Year Old 4'x8' APD CNC Router Rebuild and Update-img_4043-jpg20 Year Old 4'x8' APD CNC Router Rebuild and Update-img_1344-jpg


The X Axis ball screw is bent...We are going to attempt to straighten it out using a press. I'll let you know how that goes...

More to come...

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