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Thread: Planin to upgrade to mach4 help

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    Default Planin to upgrade to mach4 help

    Hello to all

    As title says i am planing on upgrading my machine to mach 4 but i have a few questions

    I would like to use a windos 10 64 bits machine

    what would be a nice motion controler or breakout board with usb conection to the computer that you would recomend me

    I dont understand the diference in motion controller and break out board if some one can tell me that also would be nice

    Thanks for your help

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    Default Re: Planin to upgrade to mach4 help

    The biggest difference in motion controllers with Mach4 has to do with how well the developer supports the controller. The developer supplies a plugin for Mach4 to communicate with the controller, and most plugins do not support all of Mach4's features.

    The Ethernet Smoothstepper, is the most popular, but it's ethernet, not USB.

    PMDX makes a few USB controllers.
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Planin to upgrade to mach4 help

Planin to upgrade to mach4 help