Hello everyone,

I finished installing my Maho MH 1600 S from 1991 that I bought from the Neterehlands in December last year. It was a pain to get it into the shop, the damn thing ways almost 20 tons . Before powering up we had to solder a lot of cables back together because before dismantling the machine for storage the people there cut them crudely like with an axe. Luckily they are color coded an we managed. I reintroduced the machine constants and changed the memory battery because it was bad.
The machine hydraulics start and I can reference all the axes and jog them.
The problem is that when I go into TEACH IN an type any S value with M03 or M04 the spindle doesn't start . I get an error message E94 N-ACT=N-CMD NOT 1 ON SPINDEL START. The spindel load meter instantly goes to full 150%. Even if I try to jog the spindle left or right by pressing the 2 buttons on the flat panel it doesn't turn, it displays 10 RPM and the load meter goes to 150%.
The only thing it does is it changes from low gear to high gear depending on the S value. When it goes from M42 to M41 i can notice a small movement of the spindel.
It has a Indramat KDA 3 2-150-3 main drive. The ok green light led is on and small screen displays NO RF.

Hope someone can help.

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