hello, i have a machine equiped with a indramat kda

now i have 2 replacements for this but im not sure if they wil fit,

the original drive (for maho cnc milling machine) is:


The 2 spares i have are:




so they schould be the same to use, because the only difference i have is the AOO and AOS but is
S here stands for serial interface RS232 but this one is not used on the original machine so thats nog a problem,
and i could instal the optional card if neccesairy on the AOO i suppose,

but what i seen is that the power main pcb board original is a TTS3 and the 2 replacements are TTS18

whats the difference?

they both should can handle 150Amp and 300V dv bus voltage?

can i use it to?

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