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    I was used to have an old Kunzmann with small feed motor in X in our department ( small tool manufacture) . Unfortunately, the machine feel victim to a lift truck mad.gif
    Now the boss got an old Deckel FP4 with Contur 3 controller and now I have to handle the machine only according to the manual. coangry.gif I

    I am a trained toolmaker but when I was trained, CNC didn’t exist yet (1970). I already made some holes with the drill cycle and also planned some surfaces but it took me ages to write the program.... I think I was for 4 holes at N22 or so and then the machine always went into the wrong direction because I simply forget an – !

    Now my question: Is there a simulation program that is similar to the Contur 3 controller so I can practice a little bit?????

    Many thanks in advance

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    I hope I will be able to help you out! It’s been a while but I used to work on that machine.
    It’s best to print this text and continue working with the book.
    I started like this:
    Set neutral points (these are own G codes ‘work piece neutral point’)
    Call tool / T command with tool correction because each tool has a different length)
    Define cutting data ( S command and F commands for feed and engine speed)
    Start up particular position ( also G commands)

    There are also M commands for the spindle, M3 is on the right side, M4 left and M5 is off- you have to put it in otherwise nothing turns
    Then you can enter the desired cycle e.g. mill a rectangle
    I hope you won’t get massive work pieces at the start otherwise you will program all day.

    When you have all points, then enter the M30 command which ends the program. So then you can run the program again or choose a different one.
    There are also subprograms (you start them in the program with G commands: I believe G61)

    That way you can repeat something or you write a drilling sub program: in the main program you approach the position ( THATS the main DIFFERENCE with computer machines) and start at each position the subprogram ‚drilling‘ .
    When you need to change tools: in the program after work with M6 ‘or so’ and tool number before the next handling.

    T 0101
    F25 S800 M3
    G91 ( work piece neutral point)
    G0 X-50 Y-50
    G61 ( subprogram drilling )
    G0 Y50
    G0 Y50 X50
    G61 (again drilling )
    G0 Y-50
    M6 ( tool change )
    T 0202
    F16 S400 M3
    G91 (work piece neutral point )
    G82 ( mill rectangle )
    G1 Z 100 ( increase feed )

    Looks similar to this :


    Thats it. Now you only need a coffee.

    I wish you good luck, Ralph biggrin.gif

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Deckel FP4 with Contur 3

Deckel FP4 with Contur 3

Deckel FP4 with Contur 3