so I sent them a print cad file for making a broach tell him lead time OWNER Steve say not problem I quote parts get job and then the bs starts right then I kinda got a gut felling this would not end well the one broach they had instock 12mm square I buy two broaches and a holder
about $1800 dollars they show up run all 250 parts waiting on the spline broach for other side two weeks latter they show up ordered two first one blows up on 1st part over weekend call steve monday he asked what speeds and feeds I am running i tell him keep in mind I ask him in email and was running them at his speeds and feeds he says thats to fast ? umm ok what do I run it at run about 4 parts and it blows up ? keep in mind these broaches are 350 dollars call him again he says you will have to run a rougher and a finisher and buy another holder
another 1200 dollars plus 4 more broaches ? we agree that he will let use barrow one of his holders to get the job done week goose by nothing in the mail I call the machinist has been sick ok other week goose by I call no answer get secretary he will call you back no call back
its been two months no tool job sitting half done mad customer 4,000 dollars sitting here in material and broaches plus what ever I have in machine time secretary says if I want to talk to Steve I need to stop in ah im in Oregon your in Florida ?
I think im done with this rant just stay away for this company no integrity we lose money on jobs but we still finish the job Its what you do

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