I just started a new job, running a Daewoo 4020 vertical mill. When I attempt to close the door, I often have to open/close the door many times before it will turn off the door interlock switch light. I was told that former employee's slammed the door shut which must have bent/damaged the door interlock sensor.
I ran a identical Daewoo at my last job, and they had disabled/turned off the door interlock sensor. But I don't how they did it. Does anyone know if there is a parameter that can be tweaked so I can open/close the door without struggling to close the door "just right" to turn off the door interlock alarm? I realize that this is a safety feature to prevent the machine running when the door is open, but I'm intelligent enough not to put my hand in the path of a 6.0 inch face-mill !
Help with this matter will be appreciated .

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