We did a specific development of common cutting sequence for Router/Laser cutting.

Generally, the software would cut off the parts one by one, see below picture, the common line would be cut along with the previous part usually.

common cutting sequence reverse-1-png

There is no problem for the first part, but beginning from the second, there is a potential issue. Because the first part is cut off but stay on the table still. When the tool move to the start position of the second part, there is collision possibility. For router machine the milling tool would hurt the first part. For laser machine, the laser head would collide the first part also. There are some issues for the rest parts.

In order to avoid the issues, reverse the cutting sequence is necessary, we call it partial cut first or common line cut later.

common cutting sequence reverse-2-png

This feature is useful so much for router machine, and customer satisfied it a lot, because there is no manually adjust needed,the postprocessor would handle it automatically.

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