In previous version of CutLeader, the start position is set/kept in part mode, when we rotate the part in sheet mode, the start position would be rotated along with the part also.

for some cases, user like to keep the start position on prefered position based on sheet view. For example, user set the the start position on right-bottom corner of a rectangle part, then we copy and rotate the part in 90degree, the start position should be adjusted to the right-bottom corner. We call it "set start position on sheet view" here.

In the latest version of CutLeader, we enhanced the feature, and user could get what they want by reset the cam features.

Here is the option to enable the feature.
Set start position based on sheet mode view-11-jpg

The steps to set the start position on sheet view:
Set start position based on sheet mode view-12-jpg

The feature could be used for cutting machine with chute like AMADA, or bevel cutting with requirement of start position. Plasma and Oxy cutting machine has this kind of requirement also.

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