The scrap generated may couldn't fall when cutting a hole? some scraps may raise up to damage the cutting head. A solution to avoid this issue is to split the scrap into one more smaller pierces, we call it destroy cut here.

Thanks to the flexible and powerful postprocessor technology developed, we can implement the feature by postprocessor in CutLeader. The destroy cutting could be assinged based on the hole size automatically. the scrap split delta distance and the distance away from the hole geometry could be set in configuration also. The postprocessor would calculate the split cutting path and sequence automatically.

Here is an example shown the scrap cutting generated. We can distrobute this feature for all kind of cutting machine, though the original target is for laser cutting machine. Plasma/waterjet or oxy machine should benifit from it also.

Inner hole scrap destroy cutting available now!!!-2019-3-14-20-27-38-jpg

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