I have in the past used this board together with a MACH3 installation. I have had mixed results with this combination. Sometimes the CNC pauses its movements for a few seconds and then continues.

Because of this I reverted to using a parallel board with the same software.

Recently I stumbled on this link https://embeddedtronicsblog.wordpres...is-bsmce04-pp/ which basically describes overwriting the current STM32 software on this board with grblHAL.

This is a fairly easy upgrade which is well described in the above link.

I like the idea of having the timings determined in a microcontroller that such an installation affords.

I have a board running currently off line and according to the outputs to my oscilloscope there appears to be no major issues. I do have some questions on how the limit switches operate which I would like to discuss with fellow enthusiasts. Unfortunately the wiki available does not seem to answer the questions I have.

Has anybody experimented with this setup?


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