I'm not sure if this is the correct forum but maybe someone can point me in the right direction.
I can't possibly be the only newbie to be baffled by the Chinese/English instructions associated with this product...

Hi CNC Experts and Newbies,
I have recently bought the abovenamed off-line unit to replace my aging, treacle-slow Windows 7 laptop which was used to run my 6040 Milling setup. The laptop finally died and I'm trying to resume machining afresh with a more appropriate stand-alone unit.
As noted elsewhere, the Chinglish so-called manual is very light on connection details for such things as limit switch inputs, E-Stop connection, etc.
Has anyone with the greater knowledge than most of us actually wired one of these units so that the Spindle control, Motor inputs, etc., are laid out in the way some of the earlier BIQU breakout boards were shared on this forum?
It would be really useful if we could have a schematic for all the D connectors when used with six separate X, Y and Z axis + and - Home and Limit switches. I'm not too sure which wire from the NO or NC microswitch should go to which terminal.
Also I'm not sure how to wire the Emergency off switch.
The control for the Spindle, I recall, is connected to the PWM output but, again, I'm really unsure about this. My 1.6kW Spindle driver has 'AVI - 10V - COM' input terminals and I think I could do some damage by getting it wrong so I prefer to 'fess up my ignorance.
Any help or pointers will always be gratefully received.

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