Hello all,

So I'm looking at installing a new control system for a Hercus VMC 300 that I pulled apart a few months back, It was running on a control system made by a local company but unfortunately they're no longer around.

It runs on 4 Electro-Craft motors; The three axis are all the same motor type (S240-1A8 REVM, P/N 0240-04-022) And the spindle is a little beefier (S644-3A REV L, P/N 0644-01-034).

Being quite new to retrofitting a machine from the guts up by myself, I was looking for some advice on control systems compatible with Mach3/4, I'd prefer to keep the original motors and just buy a plug and play kit, But will upgrade the motors if that's easier.

I am looking at installing limit switches and tool height detectors too, So the ability to interface tools is also a goal of mine.

Budget is $800-1000

If you have any questions or would like photos for a better understanding for what I mean I can do that

P.s. I live in NSW, Australia.

Kind regards,

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