Guys, I have one of those cheap 3018 CNC engraving machines, which frankly is way better that I ever expected it to be for the price. However the one recurring issue I have with it concerns the buggy CNC controller, which is a 'Woodpecker' type of unknown pedigree that came with the engraver.

Since day one it has given niggling issues, I use it with Universal Gcode sender and as an example of the problems, every time I make an adjustment to the Z height, I have to restart UGS, recycle power to the CNC board, then reconnect the board, click on 'UNLOCK', click on 'RESET ZERO', reopen the file I was trying to engrave, click start, cancel an error message, then cancel another error message, and finally press start. I have to do this every time I make any height adjustment, or if I want to open a new file. I put up with it because it was something that I got used to.It also does not seem to allow spindle speed control, and for some reason won't work with drilling cycles generated by CadBam and doesn't seem to support self levelling, although I suspect that the latter two issues are as much with UGS as the board

Just lately though, in the middle of engraving, it loses Z position and starts to feed into the workpiece. I've ruined a number of jobs because of this, not fun when you spent five or six hours on a job and have it screwed up on the last operation.

So, what I would like are some recommendations from people who have purchased a controller board, preferably that comes with all the correct cables for the stepper motors, a motor power supply and any other bits and pieces like cable sheaths and end stop cables.

Any ideas ladies and gents?

Thanks for any help!


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