8 days from a major job finishing up, and I'm need'n help.

I ran the mill 8hrs this morning when it failed one pass from finishing the first-op on some parts. Trying to drive the servos in auto-mode will pop the breaker and report servo disconnected... So they're not getting power.

Setting the control into auto-mode will do everything else it's expected.

I've checked voltage in/out from the relays (showing 124vac and 24vdc from the power supply), to and through the capacitor which shows 200-224v pole-to-pole. Power is getting to the contacts for the amps, which matches the cap voltage.
Also, all fuses look fine, and there are no scorch marks or burning smells to be seen (or smelt (smelled?)).

Fortunately, I have near complete duplicate control as a spare. I'll try swapping components from the power-suply inward until something works.

I've considered just swapping cabling over to the spare (while it's sitting on a furniture dolly) to power that up and test, but I'd prefer to use the control that's mounted to the machine.

Thing is, I've gotta get it going with what I have on hand, because of the holiday and fewer shipping options.
Any suggestions are welcomed!
Thanks in advance!

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