I am using a laptop to run a CNC milling machine. What I want to do is signal the laptop to power on using the Wake on LAN functionality on LAN activity from the DMC 4080.

The Wake on LAN works fine on the bench when connecting to my office network. Just plugging in the Ethernet cable causes the laptop to power up so I know that function works. It does not require a ''Magic Packet'' to be sent, at least I don't think my network is sending that.

The Ethernet connection between the laptop and the DMC-4080 is connected directly on the machine and is not connected to a network.

I have an #AUTO routine in thread 0 programmed in the DMC software that initializes the DMC-4080 to the desired power up condition. The DMC-4080 is powered up with the main power switch, as is the laptop power supply. There should be some LAN activity on power up because the unsolicited E-Stop message is sent every 100 ms until the E-Stop condition is cleared by the operator.

So far I have not been able to make it work on the machine. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Jim

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