Hello, I am looking to purchase a new machine in the 6090 size family and am struggling to find any concrete data on reliability, so I am hoping to get some feedback from people who have purchased and used the machines.

I am looking to spend around $3000 on the machine and I primarily cut hardwoods. I do a lot of signs, 3d carved plaques and custom wood working stuff. Children’s toys, holiday decor, etc etc. 95% hardwoods.

I purchased a Shapeoko XXL and that was an utter nightmare, so I am looking for a much more Skookum machine that is very reliable and won’t sound like it’s shaking itself apart every time I cut some maple.

I have looked at the Omio X8 and a bunch of other Chinese made routers but you just can’t tell what the quality of the machines are because they all look like the same rebranded machines.

I’m hoping some of you experienced guys can say “oh I’ve run the XXX machine for 3 years and it’s fantastic, highly recommend” so I can narrow down the brands/companies that are actually providing a good product.

I know 3k isn’t a lot In the CNC world, but this is still half hobby that I’m hoping to make something more, so I can’t justify a 20k machine right now. (Hopefully someday)

I need to get the best machine I can for the 3k to hopefully help me get to that 20k machine. It needs to be reliable, able to cut all day, and handle hardwoods with ease.

I can’t tell you the nightmare I just went through with the last machine, so I really am trying to get as much input from the people who know there stuff as possible so I don’t make the same mistake twice. It’s obvious the hobby grade machines like the Shapeoko and XCarve are not substantial enough to do what I need. I’m hoping by doubling my previous budget I can get something in the “Pro-sumer” kind of range.

Thank you!

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