Hi Everyone,

I am hoping someone can help with the RS232 connection for a SCM Record 1 CNC router with a NUM 720 controller.

We recently started to re-use our old CNC router due to its matrix bed but we have run into issues with the RS232 connection.

Ultimately for CAD drawing we use Alphacam and then use Alphaedit to send the NC directly into the NUM controller - as we have done for over 10 years.

Up until around 18 months ago we had no issues but then we had our PC's upgraded and we didn't record the settings required for the connection to the CNC.

We have purchased a new USB to serial connector which links into our NUM controller.

After some trial and error we can successfully download NC programs from our CNC to the PC without any issues.

If however we try to take a program which has been exported from the CNC and try to reimport it into a different program number it seems to fail.

There is no error message but when you try to open the program there is nothing.

Our CNC operator seems to remember the screen use to refresh if a program had been successfully imported but I don't know this for sure.

The settings we are using are as follows:

Port - COM5
Baud Rate - 9600
Parity - Even
Data Bits - 7
Stop Bits - 1

Hardware Handshake - True
Software Handshake - True

Codes to send
Before sending program - Blank
After sending program - ^S
Before receiving program - Blank
After receiving program - Blank

When sending, end each line with - CR+LF
End of Line Codes - ^M^J

Send SPACES to machine - False
Send BLANK LINES to machine - False
Wait for XON before transmitting - False
Accept and store CONTROL CODES received - False
Accept and store NULLS received - False
Use ACK-NAK Protocol - False

Send/Receive data in ASCII

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks Oliver

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