Hello, I am a teacher that just changed schools and now have a Laguna IQ with the BR controller, 5 or so years old now. I am familiar with CNCs, own a shopbot and have run a Techno as well.

The controller was changed out at the end of last year as a student managed to shatter the touch screen making the controller useless. I was never the teacher that used the cnc before it was broken and he no longer is working in the school.

Now everytime we try to run a file it does not run in the correct area. In the Calibration screen it moves twice the distance that it says it should be and cannot figure out how to reset the calibration. This will likely solve a majority of my problems.

The Z scaling seems to be correct but believe something needs to be adjusted within the zhome or z spoil setting as I have been able to get it to cut at the "correct" z height but when trying to home it then tries to run too high past the limit switch.

I am using Aspire for CAD and creating post processor file.

Thanks for any help

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