I'm at the 'electronics' point on my CNC conversion. The Mill is a Precision Mathews PM30. I have the following electronic components:

CNC4PC C48 E-Stop and Probe Connector
Warp9 ESS
Automation Tech Drivers: KL-5056E (3)
Generic PS 5v @ 3a
Generic PS 48v @ 20a
E-Stop Button (2

I plan on adding the following:

Now my questions:

This is all new to me, where I am getting a bit lost is on using the ESS and the C32. I see how to connect the two and power the ESS. Where I am getting lost is on the C32;
1. How do I power it? I see that I can power it through the ESS, however is that the only power that it would need?
2. What are the 'Optoisolated' outputs used for?
3. Does anyone have the same setup that they are willing to share a diagram/schematic?

I have 'Googled' all these and RTFM for the components. Before I go forward and risk bricking any of them I figured I'd ask and hopefully get lucky.

Thanks in advanced for any help anyone can give me!


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